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These Puppies Found Their "Forever Family"!

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Here's what some of our former customers have to say:

On November 8, 2016, Allana L said:

"We are all home sate and sound, and Arwynne is getting adjusted. We cuddled with her in the car the whole way home...she is so sweet and soft. She is wagging her tail and giving lots of kisses.  :D  We will register her microchip by the weekend. Thank you for everything!!! It has been an amazing experience to work with you!"


On September 26, 2016, Anette M said:

"Thank you so much.  You are so extremely talented. You do it all. I told my son I was very impressed with you and how you raise and train your pups. So many people do not show the great care that you do. Thank you so much for the photos they are fabulous.  Looks like a professional photo shoot.  I expected a few snapshots and these are so great... Thanks so much for taking the time with us and Kramer is doing great. Getting bigger by the day... Thanks again and have a great day "


On August 31, 2016, Anette M said:

"Kramer absolutely loves my son Eric.  Usually dogs like me the best since I am home with them all the time, but this puppy seems to have imprinted on my son from the first night and sleeps in his room, runs around the yard with him.  IF Eric  stops, he stops, if Eric runs around with the soccer ball he runs around.  He has been going potty outside (only one accident the first day-to be expected)  No diarrhea or anything.  He sleeps in his room right by his bed and is so well behaved.  He changed his name and seems to know it as he comes when he is called.  They are having a ball together... He chose the name Kramer because the hairdo made him think of the Kramer guy on Seinfeld haha... Kramer likes to sit in the chair right next to him while he does homework or watches sports..... I can't believe my husband doesn't care he is on the chair... He said since he doesn't shed that he doesn't mind, so that is great news also... Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into Kramer to make the adjustment into our home smooth."


On July 11 & July 26, 2016, Clarance B said:

"LOL!  Oh boy! Does Major come with a wardrobe expectation? I can't compete with the snazzy outfits. However, I foresee an Officers' Uniform for Holloween.  

Thank you he's a  sharp little fellow and I can't wait until he is here and running around the place.

AWESOME!  I have purchased all of the pet items including a mini mini dog tag.  I also have the pet food including a sample.

I am nervous like a proud dad and excited to see Major. My colleagues at work loved the photos.

Thank you Kate you have been wonderful as well as professional. I don't't believe I could have had a better experience.

Greatly appreciated, Clarance"


On April 16, 2016, Lisa H said:

Hi Kate,

Zarya is adjusting very well. She warmed up to us immediately when we picked her up at the airport. She follows us around and is happiest cuddling on our laps. She is eating a mixture of wet dog food and the kibbles you gave us. Last night she slept in her crate next to our bed and only cried for about 5 minutes. At 3 am she woke up and started crying so I took her out to go potty. After that I just let her sleep with me in bed (I know I am spoiling her!)
Because she is doing so well, we took her to a park nearby. She did well with her harness/leash and meeting other dogs at the park.
Now she is snoozing on my lap as I write this.
We are totally thrilled with her. Thank you again.
Blessings, Lisa


On February 3, 2016, John H said:

Hey Kate, wanted too give you an update on teddy. He is really doing good. He's got this house broke routine down, comes when its called, sits on command, lays on command, and just about has the stay down. I have a lot of dogs and puppies. I can honestly say that Teddy is the smartest puppy I've ever owned... Everyone that sees teddy so she's absolutely gorgeous and can't believe how well behaved he is!


On August 3, 2015, Philippe M said:

My girlfriend and I were looking for a blue italian greyhound for more than 1 year but here are few breeders around our hometown of Montreal Canada. some have up to a 2 year waiting list. One night, Josee ended up looking at Heritage's website and instantly fell in love with a little blue female. After a few communication between Kate and her, it was clear in my girlfriend's mind that ''Juliet'' was the puppy we were going to adopt and love! She even gave the deposit while I was at a friend's house watching the NHL playoffs!  The moment I came back and visited their website, I was so happy to finally learn that we were going to get the puppy our family dreamed of. No need to tell you that our 13 and 15 year old girls were jumping all over the place. Kate and Mark are loving breeders and they accompanied us during the 7 weeks we had to wait before picking-up Juliette (we translated her name in French because we are French Canadian). From the weekly picture update to the fast and complete answers to all of our questions, Kate and Mark made us feel like friends. s we decided to drive the 2800 miles from Montreal to St-Louis, Kate gave us very good advices to enjoy at the most our trip to the magnificent Midwest Region.
It has been a month since Juliette lives with us in Montreal and we are delighted. She is a joyful, social and healthy puppy. Our vet is amazed by Juliette telling us she has never seen an Italian Greyhound looking that good and healthy like Juliette.
We strongly recommend doing business with Kate and Mark and would buy another puppy from them anytime.
  • [Juliette] sleeps all night...plays all day ;)...lots of toys
  • Shes answers to 'sit', 'lay down' 'shake hands' and goes by herself in her cage and sleeps with the door open.
  • She is getting cleaner everyday and most of the time asks for the door
  • She is getting closer to the cats as she respects their limit
  • She got all the vaccination she needs including rabbies... Our vet and all the clinic are totally in love with her
  • She starts to make friends at the dog park (I will send you pictures of the park. It is brand new and amazing)
  • Josée trains her to walk and she makes very good progress....She walks right next to us and sits at the intersections. She is not afraid of other dogs and goes to e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y we cross. I can sometime still see our house 10 minutes after I started the walk (everybody is curious since she is very rare with her color and style).

Once again, you have no idea how you made our family happy with Juliette. Kids take VERY good care of her while we are out and we carry her with us as much as we can. We sometime take the car just to go walk in different neighborhood of the city and rediscover parks. It's a great way to take advantage of our own city! She fills our heart with pride and joy.

Philippe M & Josée L from Montreal, Canada 


On June 29, 2015, Jaime S said:

Hi Kate,
Things are going really well! Onyx is pretty well adjusted here, he's so cute! So far, he made a very few mistakes (only when Travis is around, lol!) with going potty on the puppy pad. Today we let him run throughout the fenced yard, he was so cute! We got him some tiny tennis balls that smell like peanut butter, he's already destroyed one. We finally introduced him to my parents dog (since he comes and stays by us a few days during the week), Finley... He looks so small next to him! He isn't having any diarrhea and is eating all of his food. He loves carrots!! ... He loves his naps! I've had my sister come puppy sit him ... and she didn't want to go home! Everyone is asking to meet him but we know to wait. He's on a good track and we don't want to ruin that! Onyx is a really smart dog, it's crazy! He knows when we turn off the lights in the living area to go into the kennel and lie down for the night, he knows what to do when I grab the harness and he already knows how to respond to "Onyx, come!" He's such a great dog, thank you so much! I'll send pictures and videos tomorrow... Hope you're having a great weekend!!!!
Thank you again!
Jaime & Travis


On June 26, 2015, Lorraine H said:

Hi I wanted to inform you that I did [receive] Maximus and I couldn't be any happier. He is such a happy puppy and I know he is a great fit for our family. I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


On June 10, 2015, Cooper H said:

I bought a Labradoodle from Kate and Mark Ritter and I can't begin to say how wonderful the experience was from the first phone call.   They were quick to return my calls or e-mails and answer any questions, always caring and responsive. My puppy stayed fro their Puppy Kindergarten which worked on leash walking, basic commands, crate training and starting potty training.  They have checked in to see how we are doing after picking up our puppy and are willing to offer advice and listen to our progress. They sent me weekly pictures of our puppy and I loved this especially since we chose the Kindergarten option so it was a longer wait to bring her home. We could always count on new pictures to see her and Kate would report on how she was doing. 
 I am a fellow breeder and I strive to be as good as they are! My experience was nothing short of wonderful and I would highly recommend them when looking for your new puppy! Awe know if we need another puppy where we are looking first. Heritage Farms and Kate and Mark Ritter.
If you ever need a verbal recommendation I would be happy to... any time if you ever needed this.
Cooper H


On May 23, May 30 & June 5, 2015, Cooper H said:

I can't wait now it is so close to the date. It has been such a pleasure to work with you and it makes me excited to know a breeder on your caliber so close to bounce ideas and questions from time to time...
 We are excited to get Lolly- Brooke and meet her face to face and I am excited to had her to our home it will keep me on my toes to finish her potty training which now I am sure is to remember to get her out often enough... I know you did all the ground work for a successful transition...  I know the granddaughter will enjoy her...
Give Lolly Brooke a hug and kiss! She is so beautiful ,you have done a great job I love looking at her pictures. Thanks for all you do!
It was so nice meeting you both... Tonight she went straight  in her crate and settled in with in  a few minutes.  She is a sweetheart  Thanks for all your hard work with her.



On June 2 & June 3, 2015, Julie H said:

Yes she is here and she is awesome!!!!  We are back at our house already and I just love her so much. She has a wonderful demeanor!
She was a little shy at first, but almost instantly turned so loving... She tolerated the bath very well. She is curled up on me drying in the sunshine...  Look how relaxed she is. Everything is great here!
Thanks Kate:)  You guys did a great job with her!
Dolly slept really well. She whined/whimpered for maybe five minutes (not loudly and no barking).  I let her out to do her business about 3:30 a.m.  She did both and fell back asleep easily. The night went better than expected!..

She just loves being in the back yard... Everything is going very smoothly. She is so sweet and affectionate!!


On May 3, 2015, Sriram R said:

We would like to thank Kate and Mark for what has been a truly delightful experience.  Imagine adopting a child from someone whom you have not met in person or know much about. It felt just like that when I
contacted Kate regarding the puppies that she had available. Right from my initial phone contact and her regular updates (pics & videos) I felt comfortable and reassured that I was making the right decision.  As
someone mentioned in their post, it a gut feeling that you have to trust and move forward on. Kate did not sound like or come across as someone trying to sell her last few remaining puppies. It sounded like she
wanted her puppies to find good homes while providing her customers with plenty of information and time to make this important decision.  For first time pet owners like us, Kate made an unnerving experience  so
smooth and easy. I was floored when they agreed to undertake a 6 plus hour drive (one way) to deliver our puppy!  Got a chance to meet Mark who is a very nice person. Luna is doing great in her new home; she is healthy, well behaved and extremely smart.  I HIGHLY recommend Kate and Mark to anyone (especially first time pet owners) who thinking of getting a dog.


On April 27 & 29, 2015, Robin V said:

"[Lacey] did great when I vacuumed today and slept through the kids playing /yelling loudly, and a baby crying. So that sounds cd really works!

I have to admit that I was so nervous buying a puppy online without having met her or anything, and I definitely had some family comment about how that wasn't very smart. But I fell for her video and your description of her and she just felt right. I scoured your website and noticed all the family and Christian values and just kept my fingers crossed that it was a good choice. You guys have been awesome to work with and I loved getting pictures and updates all the time. She is such a good puppy and the perfect addition to our family. 

Thank you so much for everything! I look forward to seeing your updates on Facebook as well! 
You guys have been great and Lacey is wonderful! 
... You put me at ease and made me feel comfortable with all your emails and answering all of my questions. Even though I got "the look" from family when I said I haven't met Lacey or you guys before I bought her, I just had that gut feeling that it was right. :) I would recommend you guys to anyone! 
On a side note, Lacey has not had any potty accidents in 2 1/2 days and she has slept through the night since Sunday night! Such a good puppy! 
Thank you for everything! 



On April 28, 2015, Renee M said:

Hi Kate and Mark,
Drew is 27 now!  Hard to believe!
He and Coco are still best pals.  Except for Nellie of course – with whom Coco plays all the time.  Despite their size difference, they are constant companions -- so he is also her best pal.  Coco doesn’t go outside without Nellie – he rings the bell on the back door (a jingle bell) to go out, but he only takes one step out onto the deck and then he waits for Nellie to join him.  He is super smart and figured that bell out easily on his own – ring it and the people are trained to let him out :) 
Coco weighs 10 lbs.  He went to the vet in February for a shot and check up, and all is well.  He loves to chew bones...   He also loves to fight stuffed animal toys, which is pretty funny to watch.  He climbs on Drew on the floor and licks him.   He also loves to roll over and over and over on the carpet in the living room – the carpet must feel good... Last summer he liked hanging out on the concrete around the pool when Drew was swimming.  He went in the water a few times with someone holding him, but I don’t think he really cares for that…He just likes to be there with people...
Drew tells him how much he loves him all the time... I am particularly crazy about little Coco – and tend to call him his full name of “Coconut” which he responds to.  He sits with me at night when nobody else is awake, and he literally FLIES when he is called.  When he and Nellie are outside if I call him he is amazing at how fast he comes.  And he must be party bunny rabbit as he actually hops when he runs.  Very cute.
He is a fantastic guard dog... as he barks when anyone approaches the door... I can assure you that if ever a dog was loved, it is Coco.  Drew carries him and kisses him and he snuggles in my chair at night, and his little face is a heartbreaker – he is beyond cute!   My husband is always the first one downstairs in the morning and he laughs when he pops his little head  up from sleeping and then he hops down and flies into the kitchen to greet him.  (Nellie and Coco share a sofa in the family room at night – one that is their own as we don’t use it -- each on one end, and he sleeps with his little head on the arm rest.  His other favorite is a particular blanket that he curls up in – and will actually drag ONTO the sofa to sleep on – truly funny to watch a dog “make his bed” so to speak!  Sometimes -- and I have yet to capture a photo of this without them waking up and ruining it -- Nellie is asleep witih her paw over Coco like she is protecting him.  I think she is nice and warm so he likes to sleep up against her.  Coco always looks thrilled to see us when we return or come into the room after even a short absence, and definitely gets up from his snuggles to greet us.

... Drew does go in the yard and walk around and Coco follows him all over.  They make a nice pair J  He loved the TONS of snow we had this winter…Nellie plowed paths, and Coco hopped from one cleared area to the next like it was a game. 

Thank you so much for asking about Drew and Coco – and for the sweet birthday card.  Drew totally enjoyed his birthday... While he will never top the wonderful gift of getting Coco for his 26 th birthday, he is keeping up with the dog theme of gifts!
... I think overall Coco is a happy little pup, and his “guy” Drew is equally happy.  Drew comes right to him as soon as he gets home in the afternoon and picks him up and cuddles and tells him he loves him.  Coco is a big face licker at that point!
I’ve included a photo of Drew from his birthday at home, and one with him and Coco.  There are two pictures of Coco with his pal Nellie – one looking in from the back deck, and one in the kitchen with a huge pink toy – which they both like even though it is as big as Coco.   Both Coco and Nellie had birthday celebrations with special dog cookies in lieu of cake.  I think they were not impressed with much about the whole thing except for the cookies :)  But Drew likes to celebrate dog birthdays, so they go along with it.
Hope you are both well and know that we are grateful to you always for providing us with such a little love as Coco -- the tiny guy who Drew calls his "ginormous birthday gift." 
With all best wishes,
Renee,Drew, Coco and the gang in NJ!


On April 22, 2015, Debbie T said:

"After a year or more of my husband and children trying to convince me we needed a dog, I decided to entertain the idea of "just looking" at different breeds. My husband Joe researched the best dog for a family with allergies, as well as the best personality to fit into our crazy, busy household.  He found the Labradoodle fit our needs and began to look online for breeders. We found Heritage Farms and began to email with questions.  A litter had just been born about two weeks before, so once the pictures were sent, we were smitten! We decided on a little girl named Lizzie.  Thanks to Kate's weekly emails with updated pictures and even a sweet video, we were able to watch our fur baby grow.  We decided on the name "Sadie Mae".  Kate and her family called her by name so she would be used to it by the time she came home to us. Sadie's arrival was a huge day of excitement! She was not at all stressed from her travels.  She is beautiful, spunky, so smart and fits in perfectly with our family. Our local vet said Sadie is in excellent health. Joe and I have truly had the best experience with Heritage Farms. Kate is amazingly patient with each question and it is evident that she and her husband love what they do and love these animals. We love our Sadie so much!!!"


On April 10 & 12, 2015, Joe T said:

"Sadie made it home safely we picked her up at the airport today at 1 o'clock, everything went smooth! We can't get over how good she looks and soft she is:) she loves it outside that's where we have been most of the day she loves chasing my daughter around. The whole family is in love with her thanks so much for everything. I will send you pictures... She's  doing well!! She's  so sweet and easy-going. We absolutely love her! She's  beautiful...perfect! Thank you for everything! She's  adjusting great!


On April 2, 2015, April V said:

Hello. This is April, Jim's wife. I apologize that I haven't contacted you before now. Life sure gets busy:) I wanted you to know that Bo has fit right in and we love him to pieces!!! We have had his ears cropped and have kept up with all his vet appts. He did not care for the cone they put on his head and wiggled out of it a few times. He is doing fairly well potty training, we are still working on it. I started him on puppy pads due the fact that when he came to us we had several bad snowstorms and were several inches deep I was not comfortably taking him out to do his business because of the frigid temperatures and snow that was taller then him. Now that the weather has broke we will try to transition him to go potty outside. Bo and Sofie(our German Shepherd) have became best buds. Haha. They are an odd pair but they are constantly playing and don't like to be far away from each other. I will be sending you some pictures of his time with is so far. Thank you so much again for letting Bo become a part of our family:)


On March 31, 2015, Joe T said:

Thank you for the pictures they turned out great, her eyes are perfect:) you would not believe how excited we are, I hope Sadie likes to swim because we have a swimming pool and pond for her to play, also a big yard can't wait to send you pictures of Sadie Mae with the family. We really appreciate everything you have done, we will definitely will recommend you to our friends. Have a great night.


On March 31, 2015, Robin V said:

Oh good. I can't wait. I probably won't be able to wait the whole 4 weeks [of Puppy Kindergarten training]. I'll be doing good if I wait 3. :) as soon as she's doing good with the potty training, it will be hard for me to wait. The kids watch that video of her a few times a day. 
Thanks for all the updates! 


On March 16 & 17, 2015, Joe T said:

Thanks for the latest pictures of Sadie, they are great like always, everyone loves them! We were excited to get them last night, you guys take the best pictures... Thank you so much for the videos and the pictures, you guys are the best. Sadie looks like a great dog, we absolutely can't wait to get her, everyone is so excited. My wife and I have 4 kids and they all get so happy when we show them the pictures and the video. Thank you again, talk to you guys soon.


On March 12, 2015, Darlene R said:

I think [Rusty] is about 6 pounds. He goes to our vet on April 2 for his checkup and to be neutered. 
He is such a pleasant little guy. He just gives kisses all the time. He has our other chi Tinky that he plays with all the time. Plus he is best friends with our cat who is only 2 years old. They both have so much energy and get into mischief together. I keep him crated during the day while I am at work just to keep him safe. I am retiring June 1 and looking forward to spending more time with them. 
He is the best little guy ever. Will send more pics later. 


On March 8, 2015, Nikki R said:

I had the very best experience with Kate and Mark Ritter of Heritage Farms. I received updates and pictures, along with videos of my new puppy each week.  My puppy went to vet visits regularly and was up to date on all shots/vaccines by the time he came home.  I requested he get baths and get his teeth brushed so that he got used to it and now that I have him, he always wants to get in shower with me and get his teeth brushed. Kate answered all of my questions, all of my phone calls/emails promptly and with great patience and detailed answers. She made me very comfortable and informed me throughout the process of preparing for his arrival.  My puppy is happy and healthy, playful and loving! It was a pleasure working with Kate and Mark! They aim to please for sure. They really love and care for their pets and their puppies! Everyone who meets my Min Pin puppy, compliments him on his personality, sociability, sweetness, and appearance! He truly is the perfect puppy! I would only get another dog from Heritage Farms in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new furry family member!


On February 22, 2015, Tony M said:

Happy happy joy Joy! My father's min pin of 11 yrs, Coco, passed away recently and immediately I began searching for a new companion for him, not a replacement, just a best friend. That I found Heritage Farms Kennel was just the beginning of all the blessing we've enjoyed at the Ritter's hands.

Right from the start Kate was highly supportive and made the whole process of adopting a new family member remarkably smooth and involving. Updating with pictures and video, asking questions about  what we seek in our forever pet. Complete hands on, and was very personal and kind.

When Joy arrived she was a little shy from the travel but took no time in adopting everyone and dog toy she encounter with all the ease the little min pin loves to show off to the world, tiny as they are they're ready to tackle it with character and integrity. Very sweet and loving, and playful, couldn't have asked for a better little girl.

She seemed to know right off the bat who she belonged to which was amazing. From the start to the finish the process of receiving Joy into our home and hearts has truly been a fearless blessing for our family. We deeply appreciate and respect the loving kindness from this remarkable family the Ritters' and their Heritage Farms Kennel. Forever grateful for our Joy. Truly a blessing the world will cherish anda chip off the old block.

- The McInroy's    Clarkston,WA


On February 19, 2015, Tammy said:

dear kate...
i purchased a sweet pup at roughly 1 week of age from your site.....you named the whole litter of 4 with "J" names....this little one you called Jenny .   it took me nearly the entire 10 weeks before i had a name for her and only when she was in my hands did i renamed her GillyAnne.  i like unusual spellings and different names and this one suits her to a GIANT-T!! 

you kept her an extra 2 weeks since she was too small to ship at only 1 pound at the 8 weeks of age.... but at 10 weeks she was finally ready to come to her new home in Canada!! 

i received my chocolate & tan female Miniature Pinscher puppy from you two weeks ago now on February 6th-2015.   you shipped her to Flint, Michigan where she arrived safe and sound (another easy process you took care of!)   

when i finally got to see her at the airport, she was wagging her stubby little tail at me in her crate!  when they finally let me have her in my hands, she was kissing me all over my face and just could not contain herself with her excitement!!
she road on my lap the entire trip home...and even slept snuggled under my shirt while we crossed the American/Canadian border!!  HEE HEE!!  
She knew her name within 6days, knows sit (ok with ham to entice her!!) , walks on a leash nicely, sleeps in bed snuggled up to me, plays nicely with my 7 Devon Rex kitties (i breed and show this breed of cat), she has only had 2 accidents in her crate (both totally my fault as i was not home to get her out).
she has been such a joy to have and i am so content with her!!   you made this whole experience SOOOO EASY!!  you even went so far as to paint her toenails bright pink for me!!  at my request you took a pic of you AND mark with GillyAnne for my photo album before she shipped out for me too!   how many breeders would take the time to do that or care to do the tiny things for their clients.   
i chose to pay the extra fee to have her attend puppy kindergarden for the 2 weeks she would stay extra and i said i was mainly concerned with being quiet in crate and pee pee pad training going well.  i have to say it was worth the extra as she has been quiet in her crate from the minute i got her home and only cries when she needs out and has to go potty.  as for the pee pads...she hits her target 100% of the time and i know this is due to my diligence but the time you took helped her understand what was wanted.  Again making my job easier.
it was a terribly long wait for her to get big enough to come to me but getting pics each week to see her grow was GREAT and amazing to see her develop into the sweet girl i now have!!.  
Again my experience with Heritage Farm and with Kate has been GREAT!!  if i called she called me back usually within minutes to answer my questions or concerns.  her email has been just as quick to reply.  i could not have asked for better service or more personal attention
once again a GIANT thank you to KATE at Heritage Farm!!  i would recommend kate for any of her breeds but especially the sweet and lovely miniature pinscher!!! 
Tammy & GillyAnne
Ontario, Canada

On February 17, 2015, Jim V said:



On February 17 & 21, 2015, Tony M said:

Dear Ritters,

 Joy has adopted us nearly at first contact, and definitely took over nearly soon after. For such a little girl she has seemingly no fear, which is okay for now, as there is no worries from threats or danger. Having had a min pin helps a lot as this is the breeds character.

Joy seemed to know exactly whom she's here for, and we are all so impressed with her wit and charm, behind all that puppy spunk seems an old wise soul. The older dog is sweet as honey and the cat has a new little buddy, but mostly my Dad has his baby.

Thank you all so much, Joy leaves nothing to be asked for, she is much better then that.

All is good, Joy has taken no haste in asserting herself as top dog of the house. Dad is very happy, says could never imagined a better dog.

We couldn't be happier with you guys and lil Joy, hundred percent satisfaction.

Yours Truly,
Tony M


On February 3 & 17, 2015, Nikki R said:

I just watched the video omg it's the cutest thing in the world. U guys aret he sweetest & I ust love that you are involved. I can't thank u enough!!! Xoxo U really are the best!!! I just totally love you guys!!!! U r great!!! I appreciate how much you care for Jaxson and for his safety. U really are a responsible breeder!!! Wow I chose wisely


On January 29, 2015, Jim V sent us this letter from his vet:

To whom it may concern:

I examined a male miniature pinscher puppy named Bo, born 12/3/15. I found him to be in good health

with no parasites found. If I can be of any further help please call [this phone number].


David Plnkston, DVM


On December 14, 2014, Pam E said:

Kate & Mark:
Here is my Puppy Update on Ollie.
I hope you don't mind but we started calling him Charlie shortly after he came home. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was my favorite book when I was a child. My mom & I read it together.  One night she read a chapter to me  & the next night I read a chapter to her.  It was a very special time to spend with my mom.
Charlie is spectacular!!  He is so entertaining just to watch him.He was neutered 11/24/14 and came through without a hitch.  The first evening he slept most of the time.  The next day he was back to his old self again. The vet said the stitches could come out the following Sunday.  She said we could take them out or bring him in Monday & she would remove them. I didn't think he would be still for us to do it but we decided to try. I held him in my arms on his back and held one back foot.  He stayed perfectly still and Rich clipped and pulled out the stitches.  He was such a god boy.
I can't believe how much he has grown.  He's not a clumsy puppy any more, 
I'll attach a couple of pictures so you can see what a handsome dog he has become.
Thanks again for everything.
Pam & Rich E


On December 4, 2014, Ashley S said:

Hey Kate,
I just wanted to update you on baby Alvin.The doctor gave him his puppy
check up and is as healthy as can be.He is now 5.5 pounds and is growing
like a weed.Savannah is also adjusting great and was completely wee wee
pad trained when she arrived with not one accident. .
 I get so many complements on these babies where ever I go.Your are now my
family's  mini pin breeder so will definitely be in touch soon...:)
Thank you so much for the emails and info... Alvin and Savannah...are both doing so well potty training with Savannah was so easy she never had any accidents..They sleep and play together and chase each other all over the house :)...Savannah is the alpha dog and little Alvin is my little love bug /clown lol
[My sister] definitely wants a puppy from YOU plus your ARE now the family's  trusting breeder and mini pins have always been in are family...Will be in touch soon... 
On November 20, 2014, Al S said:
Just wanted you folks to know that Jada is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our place. She is a great dog and we have grown very fond of her already. I wanted you to know that she is expecting her first litter about the 6th of December and we are excited to see the puppies. I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes.


On September 19, 2014, Renee R said:

"Hello Kate,
Thanks so much for your help and providing me with the information I needed. I can't wait to pick her up. I like how you are sensitive towards your customers needs. Especially without asking. I would definitely recommend you guys if I know someone interested in a puppy. So far everything has gone great.
Thanks again



On September 16, 2014, Ashley S said:
"I am  completely amazed how wonderful Kate and Mark from Heritage Farms
where to me.Finding a trustworthy breeder is not an easy task, however
Kate patiently took the time to answer every last question and concern I
had about my miniature pincher Alvin.
She faithfully updated me every week with pictures and emails of my
puppy progress .I have met many breeders in my past, but never met
someone so compassionate about her animals like she is.She takes great
pride with the work of her puppies also being very  professional.
I received my little Alvin today and he is the most happiest healthy
little man .Blessed to say my baby is already potty trained on his wee
wee pads first day and no accidents:).Thanks to Kate and marks puppy
kindergarten classes in which I highly recommend for any new pet
parent..Thank you heritage farms for my my beautiful blessing."


On September 15, 2014, Ashley S said:

"Yayyyyyy :).....I was anxiously waiting for your email..I just came from the  grocery to pick up some gerber meat sticks I also picked up some chicken and rice Gerber soft baby food to mix with kibble also a honey bear for his water..I will bring his nutri cal with me tomorrow to give him a little pinch after is little plane ride...I'm not far from the airport only 20 mins so I will get him right home to adjust...
  I will keep you updated often with pictures and will definitely remain in contact  with you . I know it's difficult to let go of these little babies in fact I don't no how you do it .But rest assure Alvin forever home is full of love and care. I have no babies so they are my kids they will travel with me on weekly visits to Petco for  grooming, puppy playtime, and of course treats and toys..
    You puppy tips and schedule with Alvin was of great help I  can more less can follow his schedule..
   I will definitely be putting a  testimonial on your page for others to see .You have been by far  the greatest breeder I have met.I have met many and they didn't have the
Love or passion for there puppies like you do. I will be in touch with soon...."


On September 14, 2014, John L said:

"We had been looking for a Standard Poodle on petfinder and came across a puppy from Heritage Farms.  We were intrigued by the puppy kindergarten classes they provided and decided to call them to find out more.  We talked to Kate and she was very friendly and helpful and answered all our questions.  We live in Minnesota and were a bit hesitant about purchasing a puppy without being able to see it in person.  Kate provided pictures and videos of the puppy to help ease our hesitation.  We couldn't be more pleased with our dog.  He is very well behaved, gets along with all dogs he meets and is great with our young kids!  We have received lots of compliments on how beautiful he is and lots of questions about where we got him.  We have had family members tell us they want a Standard Poodle like ours for their next dog.  We had a very enjoyable experience working with Kate and have a great Standard Poodle as a result!  I would recommend Heritage Farms to anyone looking for a wonderful, well rounded dog! "
John & Jamie


On August 29, 2014, Ashley S said:

"Hey Kate ,
[Alvin] has such a cute face and cropped ears brings his beauty out even more :)....
I cannot thank you enough for being a great breeder and taking time to answer all my questions....have a great day!"


On August 28, 2014, Sandy B said:

"[Hershey] is doing great. Spoiled rotten. I can't get out of his sight.
He loves to ride when I have to do trucking paperwork.
My grandson adores him.
He used to come in and give me kisses now its nana where is hershey.
He has for sure fell right in to the family.

have a great day


On August 18, 2014, Sandy B said:

"I purchased a min pin from heritage kennel. He is an amazing puppy. They
kept me up to date on how he was doing. They sent me new pictures every
week of him. They answered all of my questions ( which was a lot). He
shipped when they said. He had to fly from missouri to louisiana. I
would highly recommend them for your next puppy."


On August 7, 2014, Pam E said:

"Hi Kate: Chili is doing very good.  He is usually quiet in his crate all night.  A few nights he started whimpering around 3:30.  I took him outside and he did a potty & a poopie.  I put him back in the crate and he was quiet the rest of the night.  That's fine with me.  Taking him out once during the night is not a problem. 
We go for a walk usually twice a day if it is not too hot.  He is doing well with the leash.  He comes along when I tell him a gentle tug convinces him to go where I go.
He is eating well.  He weighs a whopping 5 pounds now.  He came in the doggie door all by his self yesterday.  He will come out if you hold the flap up for him.
 He is smart & has learned many things already.
You were great to do business with & I appreciated all of the pictures and information you sent me.
thanks again"


On August 6, 2014, Ashley S said:

"Hey Kate ,
I want to thank you again for explaining everything every step of his way.
You a excellent breeder cause you show you truly care about your babies....
His health is all that matters ...
Thanks again for keeping me updated every step up the way this means a lot to me.."


On August 5, 2014, Laurie B said:

"Hi Kate...Hershey is doing well!  We took him to the Vet on Tuesday.  Everything ok so far.  He is doing well with potty training and his commands!! He sleeps well at night and settled into his new home!!!! Thanks for asking....we love him!!!!! Laurie"


On July 10, 2014, Joy C said:

"I was devastated when I found out my four year old son had faced a major trauma that gave him PTSD. My thoughts immediately went to how I could help him and a service dog came to mind. I researched different breeds and breeders and came upon Heritage Farms Kennels. Not only did they offer a fantastic dog at a great deal, their service is unsurpassed. My son's Labradoodle has become his best friends and travels with us to all appointments bringing joy and comfort to us all."


On July 7, 2014, Amanda  R said:

We love Gunner (our Doxie-poo) and everyone else adores him too! He slept through the night in his crate (with no whining) from the first day we brought him home at 8 weeks. He is playful yet sweet and loves to cuddle. We have two kids; a daughter 11 and a son 6, he is great with both of them! We couldn't have asked for a better puppy!
As far as Heritage Farms Kennel, they are AMAZING!!. Kate answered all of my thousand questions with no frustration and even met us with our new puppy half way between our homes (we are in the same state). We enjoyed them so much that we would be happy to recommend them and hope to get another doxie-poo from them in the future :)


On July 6, 2014, Cathy R said:

Dennis and I have been on
and just returned home yesterday late afternoon.  DaisyMae is doing really well.  She went with us on vacation and did extremely well with us.  We were really impressed on how well she did.  She was no hassell at all.  We pretty much kept her on her routine as if she was home.  She did really good on traveling and riding in our ATV.  She has another Dr visit on 7/15.


On July 5, 2014, Darlene R said:

I just want to take this time to tell you what a wonderful little puppy Rusty is. He is such a sweet little chi. It was a pleasure to adopt him from you. You made the transition so easy for us. And I appreciate how much you cared to call and check on him. Your confidence and support helped calm me through this. Rusty is such a good boy. Once in his crate he never makes a sound to complain. Potty training is going well. I am so happy I saw your site and would recommend you to everyone. You are the best. Thank you so much. We will keep you updated with pics.


On July 1, 2014, Becky I said:

Dear Mark and Kate,
We have had our little Chihuahua Fannie now two weeks.  She is a delight to our family.  She made herself part of the family right away.  She is lively, full of antics, and easy to take care of.   She is eating and drinking well.  She likes her crate and stays in it all night without any problems.  She is doing well on training with the potty pads in her crate.  We have the puppy apartment from modern


which is a crate with three gates, and small area for sleeping separated with a door way to the bathroom with potty pads.  This way she is able to potty during the night without interupting our sleep.  She is doing very well with this.  She hops in the open crate during the day to potty, and has only a few accidents when she forgets.  But it's only been two weeks.  We think she is very smart.  She has access to food and water in the bedroom area and also on the kitchen floor while she is out of the crate.  She's kind of a grazer, taking a bite here and there at times.  When we first got her home, we noticed that she already knew her name, thanks to you, and she always comes when we call her by name.  She loves to play with her toys and is very social with everyone.  We have a big family of kids and grandkids who visit often.  She knows the oldest two grandkids very well and interacts with them.She is very quiet and has not barked yet.  But she is beginning to be a little more vocal.   We also think that she likes her crate because you had introduced her to a crate early.  This was very helpful.  Thanks for all the help and tips you gave us.  It helped us in the adjustment.  We searched carefully before choosing you, and we have not been disappointed.  You really care about your dogs,and you have a gift for caring for them and training them.  I would use you again.  God's blessings.



On June 26, 2014, Brittany N & Eric L said:

Bentley (our Pom Chi) is the SWEETEST puppy anyone could ever ask for!
He loves to cuddle and just lay on his back until he gets his belly
rubbed! He's still only under 3 lbs, so we had to buy him a


with a bell in order to keep track of him! Bentley has been a little
spoiled with his toys... his favorite is a dinosaur that is practically
his size! He carries it around EVERYWHERE -- it's like his own little


Bentley really enjoys laying outside by our pool and has even gone for a
dip! He LOVED it! We refer to him as "Baywatch Bentley" because he's
such a ladies man. He hardly ever barks unless he's in an intense play
session (which I know may be a concern for some people who want a small

I could keep going on & on about our perfect puppy but we definitley
couldn't have done it without Kate & Mark! The anticipation of holding
him for the first time was agonizing but they did a wonderful job with
updating us on how Bentley was doing. Their support & puppytraining program was phenomenal and I would recommend it to anyone else who's looking for their "furever friend!"

- Brittany & Eric


On June 25, 2014, Brittany N said:

Hi Kate,
Bentley is doing AWESOME!! He has been adjusting wonderfully -- no problems with eating, sleeping... nothing! Well except maybe potty - training but that's expected! He hardly ever barks unless he's being super playful, I couldn't have  asked for a better puppy! He loves following everyone around, he's very intrigued at what everyone is up to. It's adorable! I would be more than happy to write a recommendation for your website, I appreciate everything you've done & you've been such a great help. 
I will be sure to send you pictures once I upload them onto my computer later this week -- I have so many it will be hard to choose just a couple! You could say I'm a little bit obsessed with him -- He's totally a ladies man :)


On June 23, 2014, Greg K said:

This it's really a great [training] program you guys have put together. You have all the biggies covered with it.
I love training dogs too.


On June 19, 2014, Darlene R said:

Thank you for the receipt. He is doing good. Takes lots of naps but plays a lot in between. He gives so many kisses. I just love him so much. He has an appt with our vet on Saturday morning. He is eating the dry food very well. He has lots of toys already. He hasn't been out except to go potty. He is doing good with that also. I will send you a picture of him soon. We will keep in touch. I want you to watch him grow. 



On June 19, 2014, Becky I said:

Fannie is a very good little pup. She has yet to bark  but she is very playful and easy to take care of. I appreciate that she likes her crate. Thanks to you I'm sure. She comes when we call her name she is adapting very well. And stays in her crate at night with no problems.  She is doing well with her potty pads. And she knows us. Our two oldest grand kids love her and they know how to take care of her. We love her already  


On May 31, 2014, Jessica J said:


I am sending you a couple of update photos of our Bella. I am also writing this to thank you so very much, for the smartest , sweetest & most beautiful little angel we could have ever hoped for!!!!!!!

She was house broken in a 1 1/2 weeks ( no kenneltraining). She also learned to fetch & return, come to her named being called, and give mommy kisses when asked.....All in one day!!!!! SIMPLY AMAZING! Bella is happy and healthy! Thank you for what you do!

I was a little skeptical at first, being a first time dog owner and not knowing if this process was norm. But now I am at ease & thrilled! As a matter of fact,  we were wondering if you were going to be expecting another liter of doxie-poos in the near future? Please get back to us at your convenience.

Thanks again!
Jessica & Daniel


On May 23, 2014, Colleen C from MA said:

Dear katie,

I am home with ChaChi! He is awesome! He was good with the car ride home and when we got back he went to the bathroom outside. He's a great dog! Thank you so much for everything! I'll definitely email you if i have any questions!

Thank you!

On 05/23/14, Debbie V from MO said:
Good Morning Kate,
I have not written in awhile so I thought I would give you the latest update.  

I took Riley to his vet visit last week and he is keeping on track with his 3lbs a week.  He weighed in at 29lbs so is probably 32lbs this week.  
When the vet brought out the needle for his rabies shot he put his front paws up on my shoulders.  I got him back down on the table and then he snuggled his head in my neck.  It was soooo cute.  
We bought a new small SUV so he could have the whole back of the vehicle.  We put a bed back there for him and there are tie down clips on the side of the vehicle that we can clip a (horse) tie down strap to his harness so he will not jump over the back seat.  We have a sun screen that we put up across the back window and he likes riding back there.  
We bought Bella a car seat as well and it is in the back seat.  She use to seat on our laps but Riley was not happy that she got to seat in our lap and he did not.  It was so
because our first couple of road trips we took I sat in the back seat to keep an eye on them to make sure they road OK.  I had not done that since our son was a baby in his car seat!!  
We have an appointment to have him neutered on July 11.  
We are taking him to petco for training.  He got to skip level one since he already knew everything they taught in that class and is in level two now.  We are going back next weekend for more training and a grooming.
 He is doing really well and is getting harder to wear him out.  Learned a new trick to roll a ball down the stairs to the basement and have him go get it.  After about 5 times he starts to get tired.  That is a good workout for him.
We take him to Orchlen's to their dog wash.  That is so much easier than trying to wash him in the bathtub.  Wonderful idea.  
We saw a truck in the parking lot last time we were there and it was full of bags of diamond food.  I thought maybe you were there but I did not see you.
I hope everything is going well with you,
Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful pet for us


On May 14, 2014, GJ & RK said:

"Hi Kate-  Great to hear from you!!   I have so many amazing things to tell you about Fresca that I don't know where to start!  She is the smartest, cutest, most loveable puppy ever.

She was housetrained within a week of us getting her and still knows exactly where to go on her puppy pads.
We took her with us all the way to [a European country] a week ago!!  She traveled on an airplane in the cabin with us throughout the entire time and did amazing!!  She went on her puppy pads in the airplane bathroom at 30,000 feet!!  She adjusted to all of the city and country touring we did in [a European country] and the people loved her b/c of how playful and affectionate she is. 
She is unbelievable at adapting quickly to new environments and new people. 
You guys truly did an incredible job with your puppy kindergarten.  She does not get carsick at all (we took her on a 5 hour roadtrip a few weeks ago).  She sleeps in her crate at night.  She does not get scared of loud noises or thunder.
She has a great appetite and is strong.
We are getting her spayed at the end of the month.
I will send you pics in the next email.  I cannot thank you and Mark enough for all of your efforts, advice, and work along the way.  You are truly gifted in how well you raise these puppies."


On April 23, 2014, Brenda M from CA said:

"To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Heritage Farm. I was able to find and contact Kate and Mark Ritter from puppyfinder.com where they provided the best service. The puppy I was searching for was a Bichon Frise. The reason being my previous puppy who was my partner in crime was run over by a car. He was run over right before my eyes and passed away in my arms on the way to the hospital. It was a terrible experience for my Husband and me. I couldn’t bear the pair, it was quite traumatizing. I need another companion and that’s when I found Benjamin; my little cream Bichon puppy. He is the cutest puppy I could have ever met. Benjamin was a perfect match for our family. He is loving, Healthy, friendly, and such a character. After being a customer to Heritage Farm I was pleased and satisfied with their service. I felt very much appreciated, cared for, and Kate understood me well. She has wonderful communication skills and is a wonderful person in general. It was a privilege doing business with the Ritter family and I would recommend you to their service."


On April 4, 2014, Debbie V said:

"Charles had been searching for a standard poodle for a couple of months and had been looking at different websites.  He was searching for standard poodles in Missouri on Yahoo one Saturday when Riley's picture came up. Charles clicked on him and was sent to Heritage Farms website.  
We called the same day and spoke with Kate about Riley.  Kate immediately sent us pictures and a video of Riley.  We then set up a time when we could meet Riley in person since we only live a few miles from Heritage Farms.  We immediately knew that we wanted Riley for our own.  The hardest thing was waiting till he was 8 weeks old to bring him home.  
We could not be happier with Riley.  Kate and Mark were completely open and honest with all communication before we adopted Riley (and will be there for us in the future if we have any questions or concerns no matter what time of day).  They sent us updated pictures and Riley's schedule so when we brought him home we could continue with his routine .  They put Riley in their puppy kindergarten and had him sitting when he came to our home. They provided all of Riley previous shot records as well as a healthy puppy certificate from their veterinarian.  
We have had him in our home for one week and he is sitting and laying down on command, walking with a lead and going to the door when he needs to go potty.  He is so smart, I just hope that we can train him to his full potential.
We took him to our veterinarian and he said that he was in perfect health and well behaved.  He was also impressed how well he walked on a lead for being as young as he is.  He was also a big hit with people in the waiting room. They were surprised when I told Riley to sit and he actually did!  I was so proud of him.
Our friends were surprised that he did not bark or jump up on them.when they came to visit.  I would like to take credit for teaching him that but it is just Riley's disposition.  He is not aggressive and is very lovable.  He would love to be a lap dog but he is going to be a "BIG" boy so I sit on the floor with him instead of having him sit on the couch with me.  
I would not think twice about going to Heritage Farms for another puppy if we are ever looking to adopt again. You can tell that Mark and Kate love their dogs.
Thank you so much Kate and Mark.  We could not have special ordered a more perfect "forever puppy"
Charles and Debbie V 


On March 25 2014, GJ & RK said:

"I am writing to you to tell you how incredibly amazed we are at how
happy and well-socialized Fresca is.  She is such a smart, good puppy
and she is so affectionate and playful.  We have enjoyed every minute
with her!  She already knows exactly where to go on her pads and she
does a great job sleeping in her crate at night.  She knows how to wake
me up to let me know she needs to go.  She already has met two other
dogs that we know and did a good job with them.  She has ridden three
times in our car and has never had an issue.  She is incredible!  I
think Kate and Mark did a fantastic job raising her and making her so
well-adjusted and loving.  I have nothing but wonderful praise for you
both and your services. We are first time dog-owners and Mark and Kate
have been amazing to us throughout the process...always available to
answer any questions.  Truly incredible dediction to these puppies!
Thank you!!"


On March 25, 2014, Stephanie K from GA said:

"We purchased our little chocolate miniature pinscher he is a amazing
little guy came to us very healthy and happy and just so pleased with
the way we were treated and kate was amazing with communication,
sometimes people don't realize what puppies mean to someone until you
get one this baby was amazing he is so much fun and we were treated with
respect and the level of professionalism was amazing i knew they loved
these dogs as much as we were gonna love him they treated my little
oliver as part of there family he came to us very happy and loved and
very well taken care of will defiantly recommend them to anyone!!"


On March 10, 2014, Dan F from AL said:


"Mark and Kate: If I had tried to write a description of the dog I wanted, I could not have written it better than Jack. I was looking for a companion for my wife, her health has been poor and she needed a companion. I wanted a small dog, preferably one that does not shed, that would sit with her and not be a hand full to care for. Jack has been more than I wanted, he is very entertaining and has personality plus, but he sits with Ann and does not fuss. He is so smart and learns something new every day, he has certainly stolen my heart and our whole family. Dealing with Heritage Farms was so easy, and the shipment of Jack could not have gone smoother. I eagerly recommend Heritage Farms to anyone looking for that special dog, and a worry free connection.Thanks again for all you did for us."


On February 19, 2014, Jamie T said:

"Thank you, that answered all my questions and then some!  You run a great operation!  I have dealt with a lot of companies on line and you are top notch! Jill arrived safely this afternoon.  My parents LOVE her.  She is so cute bouncing around the yard.  I think she likes the weather, 75 degrees.  She is eating and drinking so she is doing well!"


On February 11, 2014, Tina & Mo S from OR said:

My husband and I were looking for a Bichon Frise. We searched the
internet for all the United States and found Heritage farms. They had a
beautiful little male puppy we immediately purchased. Due to

bad weather

we were not able to get him right away due to the weather. Kate was very
caring in making sure he would have a flight that was not too long or
any long stressful layovers for Sammy. They have a very caring and
christian attitude that we very much enjoyed as we are christian also.
Our puppy arrived safely. The first visit to the vet showed we had a
very healthy socialized puppy. We love him so much. If we decide in the
future to get another Bichon we will definantly come back to Heritage
Farms.  Tina and Mo S...  Silverton, Oregon



On February 10, 2014, Al & Kay C from NM said:

" Hi Kate,

Snowball is so smart and fearless. I built a ten foot ramp out of the Doggy door

because he is to small yet for the steps.  The day after we picked him up he learned to use it.
He does potty outside but has had a few accidents but we keep him on our tiled areas only.
We continue to crate train him. It's the only way to go. Sometimes when the door to his crate is open he actually walks in on his own to take a nap. HA.
When I say he's fearless, we went over to my sister's and she has a Westie and Snowballjumped on him and chased him, it was a riot . We laughed so hard. He runs up and down our hall and attacks his toys, funny.
I took him to our Vet and he's in excellent health and we have a schedule set up for shots, etc.
I'd be glad to send you a recommendation but have my permission to use this letter if you wish.
It's self explanatory of how pleased we are with your kennel and your dogs. They are happy and healthy little puppies.
Thank you so much. Al & Linda Kay C...  Albuquerque, NM.


On February 9, 2014, Gonzalo S from Washington DC said:

"I am happy to say this was so easy, professional, and worry free.

Heritage farms was completely open with all communication, advise, and
everything was as they said it would be.

Our baby arrived at the airport right on time, just as promised - half
way across the country.

She was crated very well with extra filling, attachments, warning labels
about live animals, and food and water.

We are so thrilled to say all is well and the new little one is happy,
healthy, and adjusted within days to our other dog.

Hard to believe it is already four weeks later.

I highly recommend this team, they know what they are doing."


On January 1, 2014, Marie V from NV said:

"Received our Goldendoodle puppy from Heritage Farms Kennel on December 17th.  We found Kate Ritter to be a very caring person truly interested in her puppies' well being.  She raises them as her own until they become yours.  Kate is always available to help and responds quickly to your inquiries.  I would highly recommend Heritage Farm Kennels to family and friends.  Our Goldendoodle is healthy and well socialized.  He gets along well with our other dog and hasn't met a person he doesn't like.  Blessing to the Ritter family during this Holiday Season.  Marie V."


On December 27, 2013, Carole D from MO said:

"My experience with Heritage Farms was excellent!!! I highly recommend them to everyone! They answered all my questions on a very timely bases. They treated me like family and to me that was so important and dear to us. They sent us weekly photos of our new puppy and loved and cared for him like he was their very own puppy! Our puppy is very smart and my vet says he is very healthy and friendly! Godly character is the center of how they acted and treated us every way throughout my whole experience---- so as you can tell by my words - we couldn't ever think of any other we would recommend! We love Heritage Farms and so will you and your family! God Bless, Carole D..."


On December 19, 2013, Jackie B from GA said:

"My fiancé and I had been looking for a Cavalier

King Charles

Spaniel off and on for a few months when we came across the Heritage Farms website. You don’t need to spend much time on there to know how much Kate and her husband love animals. It doesn’t feel like a business for them, it feels like a passion for helping animals. We saw the picture of little Luke and reached out by e-mail. From there, everything was so easy! Luke was too small to travel at that point, so Kate kept us up to date with his status and adorable pictures. Luke had a vet appointment a few days before he was supposed to come home to us and the vet thought he was still too small to travel. A lessor breeder would have sent him to us anyway, but Kate’s priority was always Luke’s health. He came home a few days later when he was big enough to travel. Even the travel portion of the process was so easy! I would definitely use Heritage Farms in the future, and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a puppy!"


Please leave a comment!

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Thank you! Be blessed today!


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