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Puppy Kindergarten!

We are very happy to reveal our "Puppy Kindergarten" class!

If you are interested, we can enroll your puppy in our Puppy Kindergarten class before he or she comes home!

After your puppy is 8 weeks old & completely weaned from his or her mother, we would start its schooling! Our goal is to help your puppy become more loveable, well-trained, friendly, calm, curious & happy!

During its schooling, we start your puppy on potty training, house breaking, crate training, walking on a leash, riding in a car & understanding basic commands- such as sit, lie down, come & stay.

Your puppy would become accustomed to:


  • Sleeping in a crate (no messes or barking!)
  • Going potty outside & on a "puppy pad"
  • Not going potty inside the house!
  • Riding in a car without becoming car sick
  • New sights, sounds, smells, people & environments
  • Walking on a leash (no stopping or pulling!)
  • Learning basic commands (Sit, lie down, come & stay)

Our Sounds for Hounds CD will introduce threatening & new sounds like doors slamming, door bells ringing, appliances running, power tools & lawnmowers, strange dogs barking, city traffic, Farm animals, babies crying, children playing & laughing, crowds & stores, fireworks, gunshots, planes, sirens & car noises!

We do charge an additional fee (after the puppy is 8 weeks old) for this service, to cover the puppy's food, board & training supplies.

Please let us know if you are interested in utilizing this exciting new program or if you have any questions!

NOTE: Your puppy would not be fully trained when he or she  came home, but he or she would be started on her training

Puppy Kindergarten Class

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