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Photos of some of the Pomsky puppies that we've raised:

Comparing the Breeds


30-60 lbs
Height: 20-23.5 in

Energy level:                     ★★★  
Exercise requirements:★★★★
Playfulness:                    ★★★★
Affection level:               ★★★★
Friendly to dogs:               ★★★
Friendly to other pets:      ★★★
Friendly to strangers:★★★★★
Ease of training:                        ★
Watch dog ability:              ★★★
Protection ability:                    ★
Grooming requirements:★★★
Cold tolerance:           ★★★★★
Heat Tolerance:                         ★



Weight:  10-25 lbs
Height: 10-15 in

Energy level:     ★★★★      
Exercise requirements:★
Playfulness:       ★★★★
Affection level:  ★★★★
Friendly to dogs:  ★★★
Friendly to other pets:★★★
Friendly to strangers:★★★
Ease of training: ★★★
Watch dog ability:★★★★
Protection ability:★
Grooming requirements: ★★
Cold tolerance: ★★★
Heat Tolerance:★★★  



Weight: 3-5 lbs
Height: 8-11 in

Energy level:                 ★★★★ 
Exercise requirements:           ★
Playfulness:                  ★★★★
Affection level:                        ★
Friendly to other dogs:           ★
Friendly to other pets:     ★★★
Friendly to strangers:            ★
Ease of training:                     ★
Watch dog ability:    ★★★★★
Protection ability:                  ★
Grooming requirements:  ★★★
Cold tolerance:                 ★★★
Heat Tolerance:                ★★★
A Husky, Pomsky & Pomeranian to compare size differences

About the Breed

Below are some quick facts about Pomskies. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us! We love to talk about these dogs! They are Kate's favorite breed! :)


Pomskies are generally...

* Intelligent
* Agile
* Exuberant
* Affectionate
* Loyal
* Curious
* Playful
* Energetic
* Friendly
* Very clever
* Loving
* Inquisitive
... etc


Pomskies can look more like a Husky, more like a Pomeranian or a mixture of both, depending on the generation & which parent it takes after more. They have a double coat that comes in a variety of colors. Their eyes are clear & come in various shades. Their ears are alert & erect.

Breed Support

International Pomsky Association
Visit for training tips, showing, local clubs etc.

Pomsky FAQ's

Q: What is a Pomsky?

A: The Pomsky is a mix/ cross between a Siberian Husky & a Pomeranian. The goal of this is to have the markings & eye color of the Husky, but smaller, easier to train & less independent.

Q: How much do your Pomskies cost?

A: Our Pomskies (50/50... first generation) cost $2,500 (shipping included). We do NOT base the price individually on each puppy's color, coat, markings, eye color, gender, size etc. It is one flat price,no matter what! We understand that this is not "normal" with Pomsky breeders. But we do not believe that these things are what make a dog special, so why charge more? We do require a deposit to hold a puppy for you.

Q: What does the cost of your Pomsky puppy include?

A:This price includes shipping, a crate, up to date shots & worming, a microchip, limited ACHC registration papers, a two year health guarantee & a healthy puppy certificate from our vet. We ask more for full registration, breeding rights & Puppy Kindergarten training. If you're semi-local, we can take off the shipping fee & meet you with your puppy. Contact us for more information!

Q: Are your Pomskies registered?

A: YES. Our Pomsky parents (Siberian Husky & Pomeranian) are AKC registered. The puppies will be ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) registered. We are also looking into joining the IPA (International Pomsky Association). We are NOT associated with the PCA (Pomsky Club of America) & will never be... we have heard too many bad things about their organization!

Q: Pomskies aren't purebred dogs. How can they be registered?

A: There are several reputable registry companies for hybrid/ designer dogs. ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) is our personal favorite. ICA, UABR, ICA, PCA, CKC, CPR etc also register Pomsky puppies.

Q: Do you have a waiting list for your Pomsky puppies?

A: Yes and no. We have a list of people who are interested in upcoming litters, but they aren't in any particular order... Unlike most Pomsky breeders, very rarely do we take deposits to hold your "place" in line. Its first come, first serve with us. No 3+ year waiting list, no 30 people in line ahead of you! We do require a depsoit to hold a puppy for you.

Q: What colors do Pomskies come in?

A: Cream, red, white, black & white, merle, black, chocolate & tan, merle, wolf sable, black & tan, chocolate, grey & white etc.

Q: What color will my Pomsky's eyes be?

A: We do not guarantee eye color. A puppy is born with blue eyes & they can change even up to 8 months old, after you've taken your puppy home! We do our best to estimate their eye color, but that is the best we can do.

All puppies are born with blue eyes. If the puppy's eyes are going to stay blue, then they will be a clear, bright, icy blue well after they go to their new home. If their eyes aren't going to stay blue, they start changing color between 3 & 4 weeks of age. Around 4 or 5 weeks old, we can tell you if we think their eyes is starting to change color or not. At this age, the change isn't always obvious. That being said, it is pretty easy to tell if the puppy's eyes are going to be brown. But if the eye is going to be amber colored, the eye will still look greenish blue when your puppy is old enough to go to your home. As the pup grows, the eye color will continue to change; ending up a yellow-tinted amber color.

Possible eye colors are: blue eyes, green eyes, amber/ hazel eyes or brown eyes. They can also have bi eyes (one brown; one blue) OR parti eyes (an eye with two different colors in it... for example a brown eye with a blue part in it).

Here are some examples of eye colors that a Husky can have, to give you better idea of what your Pomsky's eyes wouuld look like:

Q: How big will my Pomsky be, full grown?

A: Pomskies are not as small as some people think. They can range in size from the size of a Pomeranian to the size of a Husky. If you want a VERY small Pomsky, please just go buy a Pomeranian! We do NOT guarantee size. We estimate that our puppies will weigh between 20-25 lbs full grown. THAT BEING SAID, there are always some dogs who take more after one parent or the other (personality, size etc). NOTE: We HOPE to have smaller, F2 (second generation... Pomsky x Pomsky) puppies in 2016! Please contact us for more information about this!

Q: Will my Pomsky shed?

A: Both Huskies & Pomeranians shed, so yes your Pomsky will shed some. They are not a hypo-allergenic dog. Their coast are soft, silky & fluffy. We recommend regular brushing to help with this. Like Huskies, they do blow their coat in the summer, but again this can be lessened some with regular maintenance!

Q: What does F1, F1B, F2 etc mean?

A: A F1 is a first generation (Husky x Pomeranian, for example). 50/50

A F1B is a first generation, bred back back to the original stock (a Husky or Pomeranian)... So its a Pomsky x a Husky OR a Pomeranian. 25/75

A F2 is a first generation Pomsky bred to a first generation Pomsky. 50/50

A F2B is a second generation Pomsky bred back to the original stock (a Husky or Pom). 25/75

A F3 (also known as "mutli generational") is a second generation Pomsky bred to a second generation Pomsky. 50/50

Q: How do you breed a Husky with a Pomeranian? Does this hurt the small dog?

A: The Mom is ALWAYS the Husky. We would never breed a Husky Dad to a Pomeranian Mom! This would NOT be safe for the Mom OR the puppies! That being said, a 8 pound Pomeranian Dad can't breed a 45 pound Husky Mom naturally. For this reason, we use artificial insemination. The health & safety of our dogs is VERY important to us. We also want to have the best possible chance of pregnancy.

Q: We are interested in breeding our Pomsky. Is this an option?

A: We sell the majority of our puppies as companions, with limited registration & a spay/ neuter contract. THAT BEING SAID, unlike most Pomsky breeders, we do allow some people to take our lines & breed their dog. Please contact us for more information about our requirements & how this works. Please know that we will not give our lines to just anybody. Be prepared for us to ask you a lot of questions, get to know you better & advise you on the best choice/ direction for your breeding program.

Q: Do Pomskies have any known health problems?

A: None known at this time. We have done a lot of research about Pomskies & have asked different breeders a lot of questions. We have researched our lines, pedigrees etc to do our best to provide healthy, happy & well socialized companions. Because of this, we have faith in our lines (ultimately in God!) & offer a two year genetic health guarantee. That being said, Pomskies are a relatively new breed & new things are being learned about them all the time. IF you encounter a potential health concern with your Pomsky, please inform us RIGHT AWAY so we can look into it! Thank you.

Q: Do Pomskies bark a lot? Do they "talk" like Huskies do?

A: Yes, a lot of Pomskies "talk" like Huskies do. Some can bark also, but this behavior can be encouraged or discouraged, based on your preferences.

Q: Are Pomskies generally good with children?

A: Yes & no. Pomskies are great with children who are taught to be responsible dog owners & how to respect the dog. If a child is rough with the dog, this will affect the dog's security, personality reactions etc.

Q: You don't have any Pomsky puppies available at this time. Do you recommend other breeders?

A: YES. We have a list of a few select Pomsky breeders that we refer people to. These are usually family or friends of ours, people who we've gotten puppies from personally etc so we KNOW personally that they have GOOD puppies!

Don't see the answer to your question here? Please visit our FAQ page OR contact us. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

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