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Oliver, my favorite Min Pin puppy so far!

"The King of the Toys"

Previous Min Pin Puppies of Ours

Below are some photos of some of our Min Pin puppies from previous litters.

The first set are photos of puppies with their ears left natural (uncropped).

The second set are photos of puppies whose ears were cropped by our vet (before they went to their new homes).

Puppies with Natural Ears (Uncropped)

Puppies with Cropped Ears

About the Breed

Below are some quick facts about Min Pins. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us! We love to talk about these dogs! They are our favorite breed! :)


Min Pins are generally...

* Outgoing
* Playful
* Energetic
* Friendly
* Very clever
* Loving
* Affectionate
* Fearless
* Confident
* Intelligent
* Curious
* Very animated
* Inquisitive
* Mischevious
... etc


Min Pins are very muscular, small, compact, hearty, healthy & sturdy. Their ears can be cropped or left natural, depending on your personal preference.

Note: There are photos below of our puppies with 1) their ears cropped or, 2) their ears left natural (so you can see the difference between the two). Our vet does a great job cropping our Min Pin puppies' ears!

Breed Support

The Miniature Pinscher Club of America Inc

Visit for training tips showing, local clubs etc.

Min Pin FAQs

A Harlequin Pinscher


Q: What colors are acceptable?

A: According to the AKC, the acceptable Min Pin colors are: red, black& rust, chocolate & tan, and blue.

Harlequins ("fancy Min Pins") are becoming popular. Because they are not purebred Min Pins & are not accepted by the AKC, they will soon be created as a separate breed. NOTE: We do not breed Harlequin Min Pins.

Q: Where did Min Pins come from?

A: It is generally believed that Min Pins originated in ancient Germany, originally bred from Dachshunds & Italian Greyhounds.

Q: Are Min Pins generally good with children?

A: Yes & no. Min Pins are great with children who are taught to be responsible dog owners & how to respect the dog. If a child is rough with the dog, this will affect the dog's security, personality reactions etc.

Q: Do you crop your puppies' ears before they go home?

A: Our vet does a great job cropping our puppies ears! That being said, Kate prefers her dogs' ears to be left natural. But this is just a personal preference!

Note:  We usually send our puppies home with natural ears (not cropped). But... If you want your puppy's ears to be cropped before he or she comes home, we can arrange that, no problem!

Our vet will crop a puppy's ears between the ages of 7 & 9 weeks old. Stitches come out 7-10 days later. The puppy's ears need to be stretched for one month after the surgery, so they stand up straight. We can hold the puppy for longer, to do this for you, if you want us to.

Note: Our vet will not crop a puppy's ears if they are older than 16 weeks old OR adult dogs' ears... It isn't safe, as there is more bleeding etc involved in the surgery.

Don't see the answer to your question here? Please visit our FAQ page OR contact us. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

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