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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have received:

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How the Process Works
Q: I want to purchase a puppy from you. How do I do this?


Q: What forms of payment do you take?
A: We accept Paypal, credit/debit cards, cash, moneygram, money order or cashier's check. We do not accept personal checks. However, if you mail a deposit we will hold the puppy until we receive the payment.

Q: What kind of payment is required to hold a puppy?
A: We require a $300 deposit to hold a puppy for you. The remaining balance is due one week before the puppy comes home or by 8 weeks of age.

Q: I would like to purchase a puppy from you, but cannot pay the full deposit. Can I make weekly payments?
A: Yes. We are flexible & can work with you on a payment plan. You can pay the balance off week by week until it is paid in full. Contact us for more information!

Contact Information
Q: How do I contact you?
A: You can call or text Kate anytime at 573.470.8286. Or you can email us at heritagefarmskennel@gmail.com.

Q: I bought a puppy from you & I have an emergency. What do I do?

A: We may help you decide if your puppy needs to go to the vet.  If it is an emergency, take the puppy to the vet immediately and contact us when you arrive. Please call us for advice and we will evaluate all problems on a case by case basis.

Our Specialty Breeds
Q: What breeds do you sell?
A: You can visit the Our Specialty Breeds page of our website, to see what breeds we offer!

Recommended Breeders
Q: I am looking to buy a puppy from a trusted breeder, but you do not offer the breed that I am looking for. Are there any breeders that you recommend?
A: Yes, we have a few trusted breeders that we recommend. Please call us for a recommendation!

Puppy Training Program
Q: I am interested in buying a puppy, but do not want to start train it myself. Can you do this for me?
A: YES! We can start your puppy on his or her training before he or she comes home to you. We would put your puppy through our "Puppy Kindergarten" & start its training for you. Contact us for more information!

Shipping Your Puppy Home to You
Q: How does the shipping process work? I have never done this before.

A: We use a professional shipper (Ozark Mountain Pet Transport) to ship our puppies. They take GREAT care of our babies! The night before your puppy comes home, we drive down to Lambert airport in St Louis. We check your puppy in with Tony & his gang. They make sure that your puppy has food & water and a potty break both at night & in the morning, before they get on the plane. They personally put the puppies on the plane.

They also book our flights for us. They make sure to get direct flights or short layovers, so that our puppies have the best care possible! One week before your puppy comes home, we will email you a flight confirmation with your puppy's waybill number, departure & arrival times, location at your airport & an address. All you have to do is show up on the designated time & day at your airport with your driver's license & pick up your puppy! It's that easy!

Q: What airlines do you use to ship your puppies? Is this safe?
A: We use American Airlines & Delta's "Pet Safe" program to ship our puppies. We & our customers are highly satisfied with this program! We have very few problems with either company. Our flights usually arrive on time, with no problems or delays!

Q: Can you ship overseas?

A: Yes. It will cost more to ship a puppy overseas. We would also need to check into your country's rules, regulations & requirements for bringing puppies into the country from the USA. Certain vaccinations, breed & age requirements must be met. Email us & we'll talk about it!

Hand Delivering Your Puppy
Q: I am housebound & cannot travel to the airport to pick up my puppy. Can you deliver the puppy to my home?
A: Yes, we can deliver the puppy to your home, depending on where you live in the USA. The cost of the delivery fee will be calculated case by case. Please call us for more information!

Q: I am a local buyer & do not require shipping. Do you deliver?
A: We live in Northern Missouri. We do free deliveries up to two hours away from us (Hannibal MO, St Louis MO, Springfield IL, Columbia MO, Kingdom City MO, Alexandria MO, etc). We can hand deliver your puppy to you (or meet you halfway) for a designated price. Contact us & we will see what we can do!

Q: Do you have any references?

A: Yes. Please visit the Testimonials page on our website for references & referrals.

Q: Are your puppies registered anywhere?
A: ALL of our puppies come with registration papers! Depending on what kind of dog they are, they will be registered with the AKC, ACHC, CPR or the APRI.

Vaccinations/ Worming
Q: What shots & worming do your puppies have before they come home?
A: Our puppies come up to date on all of their shots & worming before they come home, per our vet's protocol & our state requirements. Your puppy will need three more booster shots & a rabies shot after he comes home. We will not neuter him or crop his ears, unless specifically asked by you to do so.


Q: Why do you microchip your dogs?

A: We microchip our puppies before they come home. As long as you register your puppy's microchip, if he is ever lost, a vet will use a microchip scanner & identify his number. Our information and yours will be stored in the microchip. You or us will get a phone call telling us where he is located & how to get him.

Q: How do I register my puppy's microchip?

A: Go to http://www.akcreunite.org/ to register your puppy's microchip. Please let us know if you have any difficulties or questions concerning this. We are here to serve you!

Full Registration & Breeding Rights
Q: I am buying a puppy & am planning on breeding her eventually. What is required to do this?
A: We usually sell our puppies with limited registration, as companions (not for the show ring or for breeding). If you are planning on breeding a puppy eventually, we do charge extra for the full registration & breeding rights. Please contact us about this.

Puppy Care Tips
Q: I am a new puppy buyer & would like some information on raising a puppy. Can you help me with this?
A: Yes. Please visit the Puppy Care Tips page of our website for more information. Feel free to ask us any questions. We are here to serve you!


Dog Food
Q: What kind of food is my puppy currently eating, at your home?

A: Right now your puppy is eating Purina Puppy Food. This can be food at any pet store, Walmart, Farm & Home Store etc. If you would rather feed a different kind of puppy food, we recommend any good quality puppy food (such as Purina, Diamond, Eukaneuba, Iams, Royal Canin etc).

After Your New Puppy Comes Home
Q: Help! I brought my new puppy home & now she isn't eating! What do I do?

A: Small puppies can become stressed when transitioning between our home & yours, especially if they arrived to you via airplane. If your puppy isn't eating dry kibble, you can try feeding it: canned food (Alpo or Ceasar is best), Gerber baby meat sticks, lunch meat (such as turkey, roast beef etc), Braunschweiger, cooked chicken (without skin or bones!), any meat baby food etc. You can also add bacon grease or chicken broth to their dry kibble, just until they start eating again.

Q: Help! I just brought my new puppy home & now he has diarrhea! What should I do?
A: Small puppies can become stressed when transitioning between our home & yours, especially if they arrived to you via airplane. Diarrhea happens sometimes in this scenario. It should go away on its own within a few days.

Potty Training
Q: My puppy is having a hard time potty training. What should I do?
A: We have instructions on this topic on the Puppy Care Tips page of our website. Please read there for more information. We recommend taking your puppy for bathroom breaks sooner, with shorter intervals. We also highly recommend using "puppy pads" while training the puppy indoors!

Keeping White Fur White
Q: My puppy's gorgeous white fur is turning yellow in some spots & pink in others. What should I do?
A: A puppy's white fur can turn a pale yellow or brown around their paws, pink at their mouths & pink or red around their eyes- anywhere that they (or their mother!) licks a lot. We bathe our white & cream dogs regularly in whitening shampoo. Regular bathing, grooming & trimming (especially around their eyes; on their face & paws) helps keep them clean. Make sure you dry them thoroughly, as leaving their fur wet (especially on their faces & paws) can discolor the fur. Be sure not to get any products in the dogs' eyes! All natural food is best. Distilled water can help (as there is no iron in it). Clean & disinfect their pens & crates often.

Health Guarantee
Q:What does your health guarantee cover?

A: You can read our health guarantee (& everything that it covers) here. It covers most inherited/ genetic problems. If your puppy developed a problem within two years of birth, we would replace him or her for free! We do not replace a puppy that dies because the new owner waited too long to get medical help for their new puppy or where neglect or abuse by the new owner or misdiagnosis by their vet could have caused the problem.

Purchase Agreement
Q: Why must I fill out a purchase agreement?

A: This is your contract with us. You agree to pay for the puppy & give him or her the attention, love, care etc he or she needs. We agree to take good care of your puppy while he or she is here & deliver or ship it to you. This is a legally-binding document. This also shows us that you read our health guarantee & understand it. It also gives us your contact information.

No Longer Able to Take/ Keep Puppy
Q: I paid for a puppy from you, but am no longer able to take it. What do I do?
A: If for some reason, you find yourself unable to take the puppy we have held for you home, we will gladly transfer your deposit to a different puppy that we may have available at another time. The deposit on him or her is non-refundable. There is no time limit on the deposit and you can transfer it to someone else if you choose.

Q: I bought a puppy from you, but now am diagnosed with a serious illness. I can no longer care for her. What should I do?
A: If for any reason you are not able to keep your Heritage Farms companion, we reserve first rights to the puppy. This means that we get the first choice of where the puppy goes next. We will help you find a free home for them or take them back at any time during their life. By taking ownership of one of our puppies, you agree that you will never allow the puppy to end up in a shelter or rescue.

More Questions?

Don't see your question answered here? Please contact us! We are here to serve you!

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