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Caring for Your TINY Puppy

Here are some tips that we give our customers, about caring for their new puppy. Please let us know if you have any questions!
You can read more Puppy Care Tips from us here
We recommend that you do not introduce your puppy to too many new environments, animals etc for the first 72 hours. Any people & animals in your home is fine, of course. But we recommend that you do not take your puppy on any unnecessary car rides, trips, to the park etc for the first several days that he or she comes home.

A puppy can become stressed during the transition from our home to yours, especially if he arrives to via an airplane. When puppies are stressed, sometimes they stop eating (there is more information on this below). Because your puppy is so small, you do not want to stress him out unnecessarily until he or she becomes more accustomed to you, your family, house, lifestyle, new environment etc.

Small Puppies & Stress

If you received a small breed from us, your puppy is likely very small. Some only weigh a couple of pounds when they come home! Because of this, be very careful to watch him or her when/ if your puppy plays with children or other dogs. We would not want him or her to get hurt!

Tiny toy breeds can often get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) after they go to their new homes, are young, still growing, tiny etc. Hypoglycemia can be caused from the puppy not eating due to stress, too much activity (not enough rest) or too much handling.

Signs of hypoglycemia are not eating, throwing up, diarrhea, lethargy (lack of energy), not drinking etc. If you notice any of these signs, please contact us & your vet right away. Time is of the essence!

If you are receiving a tiny toy breed puppy from us, we recommend mixing about about 1 tsp of honey in his or her water bowl (lukewarm). 

Because your puppy has been recently weaned & is SO small, we also recommend feeding dry kibble AND soft food (kibble, mixed with warm water & canned food).

If a puppy stops eating or drinking, he or she will become dehydrated and/or his blood sugar will drop. This is when problems start to happen. If your puppy stops eating for some reason, we recommend mixing his dry kibble with water & canned food (we use Alpo or Little Caesar). You can also feed him lunch meat, canned baby food, baby rice cereal, scrambled eggs, any cooked meat, chicken & rice, braunschweiger, Gerber baby meat sticks etc. Anything that he will eat! You do not want him to stop eating or drinking!
While the puppies are tiny, we recommend feeding them as often as possible (4+ times a day!) OR keep food in front of them at all times. You want them to be able eat & drink as often as he wants to.

Normally we recommend not putting food & water in a puppy's crate at night, when they are sleeping (so they don't make a mess during the night). That being said, with the puppies being SO little, we recommend not pulling their food and water. We recommend giving them honey & water, as well as soft, mixed food (kibble, canned food & water) during the night... Open access to food & water. You do not want their blood sugar to go low during the night! 6+ hours is too long for a puppy to go without food & water!
We recommend keeping either Nutri-cal (a sugar/ energy Nutritional Supplement available at any pet or farm store) or honey on hand at all times. Peanut butter also works. Please give your puppy a dime-sized amount in his mouth several times a day... When they first wake up, before going to bed, while playing, during the afternoon etc. This will give them an extra burst of sugar/ energy, to keep their blood sugar from going low. I personally do not recommend Karo syrup (unless an emergency & nothing else is available), as it can cause their blood sugar to spike too high, too suddenly.
IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: If your puppy is acting lethargic, not himself, not getting up, falling over, can't stand up etc (especially after waking up or in the morning)... Please give him Nutri-Cal or honey ASAP! This may save your puppy's life! You should see a notable difference in less than minute! Then call my cell phone number (573.470.8286) or an emergency vet for more instructions! Time is of the essence!

If you request an especially small, tiny toy breed puppy, please know that they can be stressed when moving to a new home. Sometimes their appetites are affected. If you have a small puppy, we recommend Royal Canin Small breed puppy food, Eukanuba puppy food or Iams small breed puppy food. These are all excellent brands.

If your puppy doesn't eat the dry dog food, add a couple spoons of canned puppy food to the dry food. We recommend Little Ceasar, Pedigree puppy or any canned Iams or Eukanuba canned food. You can also ask your vet if they sell another quality food.

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