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Our Health Guarantee


State of Missouri rules & regulations govern all warantees & guarantee. All Missouri laws regarding the sale of animals apply to this sale.

Our puppies are honestly represented & evaluated as accurately as possible by us & our vet. To the best of our knowledge, the parents & the puppy are healthy, free from disease temperamentally & physically sound & are average specimins of the breed as presented in the breed standard. Vaccinatons & deworming are current at the time of sale.

Limited Registration

Heritage Farms is selling this puppy as a companion (not for breeding or showing) & in no way guarantees breeding capabilities, conformation or show qualities. Your registration is marked "Limited," unless otherwise stated.

Activating Your Puppy's Health Guarantee

IN ORDER TO ACTIVATE THIS HEALTH GUARANTEE, you MUST  register his or her microchip in your name within two weeks of your new puppy coming home to you. This is for your own puppy's health & safety. If your puppy is lost, a local vet will scan his or her microchip number. Both our contact information & yours will be listed on the microchip. You & we will get a phone call saying that your puppy has been found & where he or she can be picked up at. This is of the utmost importance, to ensure that your pet is safe & well taken care of at all times!

IN ORDER TO ACTIVATE THIS HEALTH GUARANTEE after your puppy comes home, you MUST take your puppy to see your licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of his or her arrival, for a "healthy puppy check up" or this guarantee will be null & void. This is to ensure that your puppy did not get sick or stressed out in his or her travel to you. If you do NOT take your puppy to a vet within 72 hours of his or her arrival, some aspects of this health guarantee may not apply to you. Proof of this vet visit (official documentation, vet's signature, phone number, date of visit etc) must be provided upone request, if required.

If the puppy doesn't pass his or her 72 hour health exam, the buyer must notify the seller immediately, within the first 72 hour time period or this contract is deemed null & void.

In the event that the buyer returns the puppy at this time, he or she must be returned within 7 calendar days of the purchase date with all of his or her paperwork, registration papers,, health records etc.

2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

We offer a two year genetic health guarantee with our puppies that is effective for the first two years after the date they were born.

Should an unexpected, fatal accident happen to the puppy while the puppy is in our care; OR if a puppy is diagnosed within the first two years of its life with any inherited, genetic or congential disorder (received from its parents) which is considered by your vet to seriously impact the quality of life, is life threatening & your vet recommends euthanasia, OR requires expensive continuous medical treatment throughout the dog's life, we will replace the puppy at our discretion, with another puppy of comparable cost, breed etc as soon as one becomes available.

In the event of a life threatening illness or death, the buyer shout submit proof of diagnosis from their vet by US mail or email to the breeder within  2 business days of the diagnosis. An autopsy will be performed at the buyer's expense. This health guarantee is void in the event of indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis. If an autopsy is not performed, this guarantee is not valid & the puppy will not be replaced.

Also, if the condition does not warrant euthanasia & you are local, Heritage Farms may contact their vet to provide medical services to remedy the situation.

This two year guarantee covers some untimely deaths. At the discretion of Heritage Farms, in such cases we would credit 50% of your original puppy's price (not including the cost of shipping) towards another puppy, as soon as one is available. Death certificate including microchip number is required, otherwise a 25% credit applies.

Not Covered by This Health Guarantee

We will not replace your puppy for any condition that can be corrected by your vet including, but not limited to: ear mites or ear infections, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, environmental factors, allergies, thyroid disfunction, cancer, mange, autoimmune disorders, panosteitis (large breed growing pains/ growing too fast) yeast infections, dehydration, brucellosis, ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, physical flaws, thin hair, hair loss, coat stains, tear stains, open fontanelles, retained puppy teeth, external or internal parasites, shipping colds, parvo, coccidia, giardia, cherry eye, kennel cough, bordatella, pneumonia, flu, hypoglycemia, fungal infections, ringworm, bronchitis or upper respiratory infections.

your vet will offer a medication to remedy the problem. Common puppy ailments are not covered by this guarantee. This guarantee is limited only to defects that are largely considered "life threatening." If the conditon can be treated, it is not considered "life threatening."

We have our babies on a very closely monitored program for prevention of these problems but no preventative is 100% effective & moving away from the birth home is stressful for any puppy... even if he or she only moves down the street & is hand delivered.

We are also only human & will apologize for any shortcomings on our part up front. We try to take the best care possible of our babies to ensure that they are completely healthy & happy! If your puppy shows any signs of sickness, please contact us. The health & happiness of our puppies is VERY important to us!

Minor issues such as overbite or underbite, undescended testicals, small hernias, ears that don't stand according to breed standard etc are NOT covered by this guarantee! Panosteitis (large breed growing pains/ growing too fast) is not covered by this guarantee as th puppy will outgrow this. Acts of God, dog running away, environmental factors, behavioral problems, accidents & injury are not covered by this guarantee.

We cannot guarantee adult size, weight, ease of housebreaking, color, conformation, reproductive ability (regardless of potential), show qualities or abilities (regardless of potential), testicles descending, length, personality, behavior or temperament as housing, environment, lifestyle, feeding, rearing & treatment of puppies is controlled by the buyer. However we do our best to estimate these things for you. Some puppies will lighten or darken as they get older. Also how you feed them is very important. Follow your vet's advice for what brand to feed your puppy & how much to feed him or her.

Heritage Farms will not replace a puppy that dies because the new owner waited too long to get medical help for their new puppy; if the puppy was dropped or injured maliciously; OR where negelect, carelessness or abuse by the new owner or misdiagnosis by their vet could have caused the problem.

This health guarantee does not cover any illness contracted after the puppy leaves our property.

Healthy Puppy Check Up

Your puppy comes to you checked by our licensed veterinarian. He or she will check your puppy within a few days of coming to your home.

Vaccinations & Worming

Your puppy is up to date on all shots & worming (per Missouri standards & our vet's protocol) upon arriving home. The most important thing you can do for the good health of your puppy is to complete the worming & vaccinations needed to ensure that your puppy continues to enjoy good health. Your vet will set up a schedule for this, so follow their advice. We cannot guarantee total immunity for your puppy as they shots they have received are just a few in a series & your vet will need to complete the remaining vaccinations in a timely fashion.

This contract & health guarantee is void if the buyer fails to provide the required immunizations, wormer & medical treatmet for their puppy.


Your puppy has been examined for hernias prior to coming home. If we find one, we will have it repaired unless it is so small that our vet believes it will close on its own. In the event that we miss one, we offer a $25 refund upon your providing proof of repair at your vet, which is our vet's cost to repair it. In most cases, we recommend waiting until your puppy is spayed or neutered to do the repair.

Spay/ Neuter Contract

We recommend that your puppy be spayed or neutered by a vet of your choice at the appropriate age. However it is your choice unless otherwise noted in the "additional terms" section of this contract or your AKC registration is marked "limited". We are not responsible for any extra vet bills associated with this.

Refunds/ Vet Bills

We will not refund money nor pay anyone's vet bills. We work hard to provide a healthy companion but can't be responsible for other vets' opinions. It is your responsibility financially to continue regular check ups, vaccinations etc at your vet. If your puppy becomes deathly ill & you choose to continue on with large, expensive medical bills this is your sole responsibility.

Banfield Veterinary Services

If you use Banfield Pet Hospital (located at Petsmart) as your vet, you nullify this guarantee as we feel that they don't have the puppy's best interest in mind.

Toy Breeds/ Hypoglycemia

Many of our puppies are teacup & toy breeds. They are very tiny when you bring them home. We will not replace a puppy for any form of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. You must take your puppy to your vet at the first sign of a porblem. You also must feed them WHATEVER they will eat. Failing to do so constitutes neglet &  voids this guarantee.


This contract & health guarantee are non-transferable in the event that the buyer decided to sell the puppy. This guarantee & contract are only valid you received your puppy directly from us (no third party involved).


All previous drafts of this health guarantee & contract are invalid. Only the current health guarantee & contract are valid.

By accepting shipment/ delivery of this puppy, the customer agrees to the terms of this contract & health guarantee.

Thank you for loving one of our sweet puppies!

Mark & Kate Ritter
2 Corinthians 8:21

"... For we aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord's sight, but also in the sight of man..."
- 2 Corinthians 8:21

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