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Min Pins!

We are Heritage Farms, home of the Ritter family! Thank you for stopping by!

We're dedicated to raising happy, loving & healthy puppies! Our puppies are affectionate, easygoing, laidback, friendly & intelligent! They would make an excellent addition to your family!!!

We are a very small breeding program. We only breed our pets occasionally. Our dogs & their puppies are raised in our home. We don't have a separate outside kennel building nor any "kennel dogs." 

Our pets are "lap dogs" to a T. They sleep in our bed & on our couch, ride on our laps in the car, go everywher with us & get treats all the time. They have LOTS of squeaky toys, soft beds, fleece blankets & bones to chew on. They LOVE to run, play & explore on our (cross fenced) acreage.. And, YES they DO wear sweaters! ;) [Much to Mark's amusement!] They are s.p.o.i.l.e.d. r.o.t.t.e.n... just ask anybody!

And our puppies are no different. They are handled within seconds of being born & that doesn't stop until they come to your home! "From our home to yours!" They constantly have hands- on attention. Someone is always home, to provide them the love, affection, care, attention & time that they need... to feed them, cuddle with them, play with them, provide training & correction, be a good snuggle buddy,  love on them etc. We take great pride in our puppies!

 We are responsible breeders who believe that a dog's bloodlines, health, personality, temperament & training are just as important as looks or conformation. We do our homework & breed with integrity, providing our mommas & puppies with top of the line medical care, food, time & attention! We love our animals & are positive that YOU will too!!!

Healthy puppies are VERY important to us. Before we breed our dogs, we check their pedigrees for any possible health problems. Our vet inspects our adult dogs on a regular basis, to ensure that they are 100% healthy & able to breed. Our puppies & adult dogs are on a strict vaccination & worming regimin.

We believe that the parents (especially the dam) can pass undesirable traits (poor health, temperament, aggression etc) to the puppies. We breed away from these qualities. If we had a dam who was aggressive towards children or had hip dysplasia (for example), we would spay her & find a good "retirement" home for her. We would never breed this sort of dam ourselves nor would we sell her to someone else. We believe that this sort of parent would be an "undesirable" breeder.

All of our puppies come with a valid health certificate from our local vet & are up to date on all of their shots & vaccinations. We offer a two year puppy guarantee! We can ship worldwide!

Right now, we have puppies in 36 states around the USA, including- Georgia, Missouri, Florida, Montana, Nevada, Kansas, Arizona, Nebraska, California, Arkansas, Michigan, Alabama, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Alaska, Mississippi, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, West Virginia, Illinois, Massachussetts, Washington State, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Idaho,  Ohio, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware, Louisiana, New York & Oklahoma, as well as in Washington DC & four international puppies in Canada!

We want to make sure that our families find their perfect "forever families," that will love them & give them the best of care, time & attention that they deserve. We would enjoy hearing about you, your family, lifeystle, schedule, children, other pets etc; as well as the plans you have to adopt one of our babies into your family!

We would love to answer any questions you might have!!! We try our best to serve our customers with the utmost integrity & complete honesty. Customer service with integrity is our number one priority! 110% customer satisfaction is our goal. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, our breeding program/ line, customer service etc.

We look forward to hearing from you & hope to work with you, to bring home your "forever puppy!"

Mark & Kate

Want to know more about the breeds that we offer? Interested in buying a puppy? Contact us here. Click this link to learn more about us & meet our family.

We're looking forward to serving you! Have a blessed day!

"... For we aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord's sight, but also in the sight of man..."
- 2 Corinthians 8:21

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